Tender Care Animal Rescue
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Adoption Fees

 Adoption Fees


Kittens up to 1 year $100.00
Cats 1 year - 7 yrs $80.00
Cats 7 years + $50.00
*Barn cats* regardless of age $25.00

Puppies up to 1 year $250.00
Dogs 1 year - 7 year $200.00
Dogs 7 + $150.00 
 * These fees apply unless otherwise specified.  

Regardless of age is $55.00, all rabbits are spayed\neutered. 

Adoption fees include a general veterinary examination, initial vaccinations including Rabies(if over 16 weeks of age), flea/tick/ear mite treatments, deworming, spay or neuter surgery, microchip, FeLV/FIV/Heart worm testing for cats and Heartworm testing for dogs. *does not include daily care or any medications the animal may need.         


 Wondering why kittens and puppies cost more? At Tender Care Animal Rescue, we cheer for all animals, however, we know some animals are more desired to the public for example; small breed dogs, puppies and fluffy kittens. Having a higher adoption fee for animals that we know will go home quickly enables us to care for long-time residents and help pay for veterinary care for dogs with broken legs or cats with abscesses, just as an example, until they find their new home. Puppies, kittens, small breed dogs and purebreds barely last a day before they fly out the door with their new adopted families. 
 TCAR is non-profit but to remain viable we have to run like a business. That means we need to present the TCAR Board of Directors with a balanced budget every year and live within that budget. Donations and adoption fees also help pay for programs such as humane education, behavior counseling and advice for pet owners. If you have ever used these programs/services, you probably realized they were a tremendous value to the community.
 We disclose any potential health problems that we are able to find and disclose any information that we learn regarding behavior.
How to place a temporary hold

  • To place a 4 hour hold on a pet you see on the Website text (360) 909-8090 between 10 am - 6 pm and provide the animal's name and code number. Note: you cannot place a hold on a kitten or puppy 1 year of age or younger.
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