Tender Care Animal Rescue
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How to become a Foster/Volunteer

                     Can I sleep at your house tonight?

                                 Become a foster parent & help a pet in need.    

Tender Care Animal Rescue frequently needs dedicated volunteers to be foster parents for a variety of reasons. Imagine the joy of helping a pet recover from an injury or illness only to have them find their forever home. Cats, kittens, dogs and puppies are included in the program. Being a foster care volunteer takes dedication but can be an extremely rewarding experience. Being a foster care parent is more than just providing a place to sleep at night.

What is a foster parent?
 A volunteer foster parent assists in the rehabilitation of an animal(s) by providing in-home care. An animal may need foster for a variety of reasons including age, illness, injuries, or socialization.  Foster parents provide clean, safe, loving environments for our animals in their homes.

How long is your foster care commitment?

 The length of foster care for each animal varies depending on its needs. Lengths can vary from a few weeks to a few months. You can choose which type of foster animal(s) best suits your life style and we understand that unforeseen circumstances may disrupt your fostering ability, but it is imperative that you only take on foster animals with the understanding you will see them through to the end.  


Are you able to spend quality time with your foster animals(s)?

 There is more to fostering than providing shelter and food. Many foster animals are in need of socialization and that might even be the main reason they need foster. As a foster parent you should be prepared to welcome your foster animal not only into your home but your life. Foster animals that are used to people adjust better and faster to their new

homes making the transition from foster home to forever home even easier. Though we encourage children to be a big part of the fostering experience, adults are required to be the primary caregivers of the foster animal(s) in the home.


What are the financial responsibilities of a foster parent?

 Tender Care Animal Rescue may be able to provide limited supplies to help get you started, but the daily costs of caring for a foster animal will be your responsibility. Tender Care Animal Rescue has limited funding and we rely on our foster care parents to pick up the cost of caring for a foster animal(s). We will provide all medicine, vaccines and veterinary care. The cost for us to care for animal’s averages out to be about $350.00 per animal, thus anything a foster parent can provide for our foster pet helps. Because Tender Care Animal Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue organization, money spent on caring for your foster animal is tax-deductible.


Have you considered the well-being of your own pets?

 Fostering can take away a lot of time and attention from pets you already have in your home. If you have animals  in the home, they may be subjected to disease from the foster pet. Make sure your animals are up to date on their vaccinations. Vaccinations should be completed at least 14 days before you bring home a foster pet to allow the vaccines to be fully effective. It may be necessary to separate your pet from your foster pet do to illness or behavioral issues so be sure to have extra room or space available. We can provide assistance with in-home behavior training.


What are some of the requirements of foster parents?

 Prospective foster parents need to complete an application and personal interview with our Foster Manager. Home inspections are done for every new foster home and once a year every year after.


Are you emotionally ready to be a foster parent?

 It can be difficult to let your foster go at the end of that animals fostering period. Although it is very rare, you need to be emotionally prepared for the possibility of a foster animal dying while in your care.  


Are you ready for clean up and risk of damage to your home?

 As with all pets foster pets can be unpredictable too! Especially kittens and puppies. If not properly supervised they can ruin drapes, chew personal belongings, claw/chew furniture and dig up your yard. Not to mention what the whole potty training thing can do to your carpets.


Are you ready to foster?

 If you ready to become a foster parent and help us save lives? Please fill out the Foster Care Application and email, mail or fax (360-604-3022) it back to us. Once we receive your application our Foster Coordinator will be in contact with you to arrange an interview and a home visit. For any additional questions please contact us at tendercareanimalrescue@gmail.com.

Do not worry if being a foster parent not right for you, we have a variety of other ways to volunteer.

  • Transport pets to appointments
  • Become an Adoption Counselor
  • Assist at pet showings and/or special events
  • Lend your creative talents to promotional materials
  • Volunteer your desktop publishing skills
  • Fund raising experience? We need you! 

 Fill out our Volunteer Application and email, mail or fax 360-604-3022 it back to us and our Volunteer Coordinator will call you to set up a time to review your application and a time for training.   


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