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We have a new arrival in our family who arrived on August 24! As she vaguely seemed to know her name, and she really is a sweetie,
we have kept her original name but she also answers to "Sweetie," "Kitty," and "Hey, you!" The rescue group wasn't quite sure
what her pedigree is, but we are going with Ragdoll/Snowshoe mix and with a couple of dots of yellow, possibly calico. The vets
think Siamese mix but we see no resemblance whatsoever (other than some coloring)! She has the most gorgeous blue eyes, too.
She is about 1 year old and quite small at 7.4 lbs on arrival here (weighed in today at 7.8). According to the vet, she won't get larger--I think it's because all her energy for growth went into a teenage pregnancy instead! Yes, alas, we have an unwed mother on our hands but fortunately
all her kittens found homes before she was given to a rescue group. And trust us--that was her one and only litter!!!!!
Fortunately for Zonker, Sweet Pea was well-socialized in the foster home where she joined in the crowd of 2 kids, 3 dogs (one is a humongous shepherd mix!) and at least 5 cats and kittens. Not much fazes her! We let her out of the carrier and she marched right up to Zonker's nose and gave him a good stare.Zonker blinked a few times, hissed, and walked away. No battles as the two now eat side by side, bat toys at each other, and chase each other
around the house--sometimes Sweet Pea is leading the charge, sometimes it's Zonker out front. Pretty funny to see the little 7+ lb cat chasing
the 16+ lb moose around the house! Sweet Pea has taken a few tackles but she gives back as much as she gets.
Fortunately for us she has gone from being a nibbler with her food to being a gobbler--she quickly learned that Zonker
will eat anything in sight so she has to eat it as soon as the dish hits the floor. She likes to clean up the crumbs that
he leaves on the place mat. Not bad--a furry vacuum cleaner! Now if she would only sweep up all the clumps of fur that manage
to fly around on the wood floors....................
A very social cat, Sweet Pea can often be found supervising--us, Zonker, any contractors who show up. We'll be teaching her
soon to answer the phone and take messages while we're away..................................She just wants to be where the action is!
So, it looks like she's a keeper--even Zonker seems to grudgingly agree to her presence!
Purringly Yours,
Sher, Syd, Zonker and Sweet Pea


            Tara and I wanted to update you on McLovin's (previously known as Teela) current status. She is amazing and we love her more every day. She goes with us everywhere and is a complete bed hog :) she hasn't grown much taller but has filled out just a little. She can sit and shake on command. Thank you for caring for her and helping us find the perfect puppy.      
-Sean and Tara 3/28/12

 I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail to let you know how Noah is doing. He is super playful, eats well, drinks lots of water, and is the biggest cuddle monster ever. We've spoiled him with lots of toys and cat towers so he can look out the windows and climb up higher than our heads. He loves to follow us up and down the stairs too. I got him one of those wand toys with a mouse attached with a string and the string broke off, but that was great in Noah's eyes, because the stick part is his absolute favorite toy! He goes nuts whenever we take it out to play with him and will carry it in his mouth. It's super cute.
Thank you so much. We absolutely love this little guy.
-Courtney 5/01/12


Thank you for our new family member. He is very happy and we love him so much! Thank you for making a difference in our lives :)
-Yolanda 7/18/12

Bruiser is adjusting well and I have totally fallen in love with him! He is a smart little guy and his potty training is going well. I can tell that he has had some previous training.
If you need volunteers, I just wanted to let you know that I would be happy to help out in whatever capacity that you need for maybe 4-6 hours a week. Sorry, I know it's not much but if you need someone for adoption events or to help you do cleaning and maintenance, I would be happy to help out. When I get a full-time permanent job I will make a donation.
Thank you for your work and dedication in making a difference in animal's lives and us human's lives!!
Cheryl - 3/29/12



Wanted to send a picture of Maximus. He is the perfect addition to our family! He is so lovable!

Jen, Veronica and family - 9/07/12


We just want to let you know that Syrah and Moon are 2 very loved and happy kittens. Attached is a recent picture of them. It is easy to see that they are great pals!! Previously Magnolia and Prada
Thank you.
Stephen and Tracey - 10/15/12


Hi ,
Yesterday, I introduced the rest of the house to Jasmin (Lilac) and she was having so much fun being able to run around the house and run up and down my stairs. I bought one of those crinkle foil balls that you told me she likes and she was having so much fun batting it around the house and then she would pick the ball up in her mouth and kept carrying into the dining room and then would bat it back down the hall again and kept repeating bringing it back to the dining room. I have also now started sleeping back in my own bed and she quickly came back to the bedroom with me and sleeps all curled up next to my neck. I am so glad I took a chance with her because you were so right about she is worth being patient for.
Kim- 10/04/12


Just to let you know, Tony is continuing to do quite well in his new surroundings, has become acquainted with Steve, my cat, is adjusting to the alpacas in the pasture, although they still frighten them, when they all come running over, and seems quite happy to be here.

You did an amazing job of getting this little guy house trained in such little time. We have had no accidents, and he's slept through the night, except for one 4:30 am call to go outside.

I love him, and he is gradually soothing the pain of losing my beloved Amadeus.

Thank you again.
Peggie - 9/17/12                                                


Hi!  We just wanted to send you a picture showing you all how well Bailey (Baldwin) is doing!  He has settled in very well and everyone that meets him just adores him!!!  We couldn't ask for a sweeter cat and he has been entertaining us with his antics!  Our other cat is still getting used to him - so we are still unable to leave them unattended.  But hopefully soon they will be friends!! 

Thank you for taking such good care of him and all that you do!  We are so happy with our new kitty!!  Have a Merry Christmas!!

>The Bays - 12/16/12


I wanted to send you an update on Angel. I know that she has become a part of your family over the months, and I want to make sure that you are kept up to date.

Angel a very lovey cat. She has taken up residence underneath my bed but pops out and jumps on the bed to get loves whenever it’s just the two of us. Since she and my tabby are still trying to figure out how to get along, I have the two separated when I’m not home. She is still a bit high-strung due to the new environs, but that is to be expected. I was unable to find the brand of food you indicated, so I put her on a dry food for sensitive systems, and she seems to be tolerating it well.

 she has her own litter box, and my workout room all to herself when I’m not home and the run of all but the bedroom when I’m there.  She has made a big fluffy floor pillow her favorite place to bed down. Chase and Angel are getting used to each other, and curiosity is starting to win out over territoriality. Plus, Angel is starting to figure out that Chase’s charges are all show, so she’s not fleeing as readily as she first did. I’m proud of the little girl!

Thanks so much for allowing me to adopt Angel, and all that you do for animals!


Megan 6/25/12


Good news, it looks like the last round of antibiotics were successful. South Paw has been antibiotic free for 3 weeks now and has been acting well. He has had another small bump on the incision site; however, it doesn't seem to bother him so I am thinking it is a fat deposit/scar tissue. That was strange he formed that abscess near the incision site last month (the vet had no explanation), but it appears the abx was successful. He is back to his ol'eating habits and activity with his usual tail wagging.
Hope all is well with you.
Sharlene and South Paw - 5/9/12


Hi ,

We are all really happy to have Ernie home with us. He is a love and we are already adjusting nicely. Claire has really taken him under her wing sharing her toys and playing with him and giving him love. Poor baby does miss his pack ;-( but soon he will realize we are his.

Elizabeth and Mary- 5/19/12


Hi there!

 I just wanted to let you know that MeMow/Carson is just fine! My husband Jeff is a night owl and MeMow woke up at about 9:30 or 10 pm (I think) and they had a huge love fest. He is a lil sneezy, we are thinking he is getting used to our house, it is an older house and can get dusty despite my constant sweeping and mopping…. He used his litter box and ate a ton and ended up sleeping in our bed with us last night. Ivy woke up at 5:30 this morning (I go to work at 4 a.m.) and crawled in to bed with Jeff and MeMow and when I just called, Ivy and MeMow were just romping around playing together. 

Thanks again for everything, we are all in love. J


Here are some pictures of our sweet little Ashley/Scrambles (taken yesterday). We sure love her. We're so thankful for you because we wouldn't have Ashley if it weren't for you.
Hope you're doing well.
Lisa - 2/13/12

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