Tender Care Animal Rescue
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Board Of Directors

About Us


In May 2011, Tender Care Animal Rescue was founded by Tina Stewart. Collectively, our board has over 35 years of rescue and community service experience. Our mission is to rescue companion animals from shelters, restore them to good health if need be and through adoption, place them into loving permanent homes.


Tina Stewart, Executive Director and Founder
Tina is the Founding member and has been involved with animal rescue for over 14 years. Her interest initially started with large animals but soon progressed to all breeds and species. Tina brings years of experience as a foster parent as well as her management and organization skills. Tina is well versed in animal behavior and has volunteered with animal agencies for the last 13 years. She has worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant and is currently in school to continue her education Veterinary Science.
Contact Information:
360-909-8090 direct
360-604-3022 fax

Tricia Jones, Executive Vice President/Secretary:
Tricia was elected Executive Vice President/Secretary and is currently pursuing her education in Veterinary Science.
Contact Information

Debra Mackey, Board Member

Debra brings many years of experience as a foster parent and Treatment Technician, along with her management and organizational skills to managing our volunteers and finding the best utilization of their varied skill levels.


Our History


Tender Care Animal Rescue (TCAR) formed in 2011, after all the sad and heartbreaking stories about shelters euthanizing adoptable animals for treatable conditions and behaviors do to the space available. Out of unselfish love, it was clear and decided right then and there more had to be done to care for and help these misplaced and often neglected animals.

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