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Seniors 4 Seniors


Seniors for Seniors

Our Seniors for Seniors (S4S) adoption program is all about Senior Humans & Senior Animals discovering the joy, love and companionship of sharing their lives. The program matches seniors 60 years of age and older with senior animals typically 7 years of age or older, based on lifestyle and living situations at a reduced adoption rate of $12.50 for cats and $50.00 for dogs. All animals are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and Microchipped prior to adoption. 
                                              Benefits of Adopting

    Scientific studies show that seniors that have pets tend to have better overall physical health and mental well being than those that don't. They are more active, cope better with stress and live longer, healthier, more enjoyable lives.
  • Seniors with pets have....

          *  Significantly lower blood pressure and pulse rates
          *  21% fewer doctor visits
          *  Less depression
          *  Enhanced social opportunities (easier to make friends)
          *  Are more active
          *  Take Better care of themselves

  •  Seniors pets provide....
          * Affection and unconditional love
          * Ease the loss of a loved one
          * Fight loneliness
          * Provide a sense of security
          * Have established personality and temperament
          * Are calmer and already trained

Post Adoption Support

  We are here to help. You can call anytime to talk over any behavior problems that may arise or to get help as you and your new pet get to know each other.

  We want to make sure you and your pet are doing well, anytime after you take your new best friend home feel free to contact us to tell us your experience with Tender Care Animal Rescue and how your new pet is settling into your home.

  If at any time you become unable to take care of your pet, due to long-term hospitalization or a stay in a nursing home you or a family member may return the the animal to us. 

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